Hi I'm Brieuc Caillot,
Interactive developer based in Paris, France

Started as a web & mobile developer and later on wanted to bring more interactivity to my projects.
I took the interactive Design class from the Gobelins School in Paris, and graduated in 2022.

Since then I have been building interactive experiences for brands and agencies through websites or augmented reality experiences.

Currently looking for a full time job.

Selected works

Si dieu le veut

Final school project made at Gobelins, the goal is to stay alive by writing as fast as you can.

2022 - Nuxt, GSAP, ThreeJS, Typescript, Tailwind


Atomic Digital Design

I worked on the Atomic Digital Design's website to add new slices, pages and transitions to showcase their work and services.

2022 - Nuxt, Vue, ThreeJS, Tailwind, Locomotive, Prismic


Safe Place

Second year school project made at Gobelins, Safe Place is a meditative and immersive experience that offers a moment of calm & relaxation, essential when faced with overwork.

2021 - Next, R3f, ThreeJS, GSAP, Typescript, Tailwind


Portfolio 2020

I wanted to try out NextJS & Gatsby with React Three Fiber for the 3d part. I used Contentful as a CMS to manage the content.

2020 - Next, React, R3f, ThreeJS, Tailwind, Gatsby, Contentful


Maddenwood Campaign

8th wall experience made for SteveMadden's Maddenwood Campaign.

2022 - 8thwall, Threejs, Javascript


Acqua Di Gioa

Snapchat Filter made for the fragrance Acqua Di Gioa by Giorgio Armani at Atomic Digital Design.

2021 - Lens Studio, Javascript



Snapchat Filter made for Google's Year in Search in 2020 at Atomic Digital Design.

2020 - Lens Studio, Javascript



Snapchat Lens made for the release of the game Cyberpunk 2077 at Atomic Digital Design.

2020 - Lens Studio, Javascript


I'm always interested about cool stuff
Are you minding a project?

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